CPD & NASBA CPE Credits and Estimated Learning Times by Course

A full list of Kubicle course material, learning times and CPE/CPD credits

You can view all CPE and CPD credits (NASBA Accredited) for completion of each Kubicle course, as well as estimated learning times below: 

Access Course Credits Here

Please note that learning times can vary substantially depending on a learner's learning style and initial competency level. As a result, two learning time estimates are provided in the above document:

  • Custom "Real" Kubicle Estimate - Kubicle's own estimate that more closely reflect reality for most learners. You will see this estimate displayed across Kubicle's library in half-hour increments.
  • NASBA Estimate - A formula-driven estimate based on NASBA compliance standards and CPD credit assignment. This may be accurate for some learners, but assumes a very focused learning experience.
For further information on Kubicle's CPE & CPD accreditation, please refer to this article.