Deactivated Learners

Understanding Learner Account Deactivation

Account deactivation is an administrative process that restricts a learner’s access to Kubicle's learning environment. Whether you are currently an active learner or you have come across a notification about account deactivation, this document is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of what it means when an account is deactivated, the reasons behind such an action, and the steps you can take if this situation applies to you.

Why Has My Account Been Deactivated?

It's not uncommon for accounts to be deactivated on Kubicle, and more often than not, it's a straightforward matter that can be quickly resolved by your organization. The most frequent cause for this is simple adjustments or reallocations of licenses within your organization. Such changes are typically administrative and can be easily reverted should the need arise. If you find your account deactivated, we encourage you to reach out to your organization's administrator, as they have the ability to restore your access promptly.

Access to Your Certificates and Diplomas:

Your achievements are important. Despite the deactivation of your account, you maintain the ability to access and download any certificates and diplomas you have earned.

To access your Certificates & Diplomas, please log in and navigate to the Certificate and Diploma icons located in the navigation bar. Upon successful login, you will have the option to download these documents or to share them with your professional network, including on platforms like LinkedIn.

Please note that this feature is designed to be accessible without full account privileges.

Can I reactivate my account?

The ability to reactivate your Kubicle account is solely in the hands of your organisation’s administrator(s). Kubicle does not have the authority to reinstate individual user access, as these decisions are often tied to broader organizational policies or licensing agreements. If you find your account has been deactivated and wish to restore your learning journey on our platform, the most effective course of action is to directly contact your administrator. They can provide you with the necessary details regarding the reactivation process and any specific criteria that must be met.