Deleting users in your Organisation


Users leaving an organisation is a common occurrence. Kubicle allows administrators to delete user accounts via their learning group dashboards. Accounts can be recovered upon request to Customer Support, but any personally identifiable information is permanently deleted.


How archiving affects a user account

A user whose account has been deleted will no longer be able to access the Kubicle platform.

  • They will not receive emails or Learner Check-Ins from their Organisation.

  • Personally identifiable information for the user account is erased.

  • Learning history is retained (e.g. Courses completed, Lessons viewed etc) and is available to Administrators in exports of the user activity table.


Deleting a user does not free up a license. For Learning Groups with Directed Learning (Semesters), deleted users are represented on the Learning Group Dashboard with the 'Archived' label in the Learners Status chart. This label is distinct to Learning Groups with directed learning. For Independent Learning Groups, review the User Activity reports for the Learning Group to find the number of Archived users in your Learning Group.


How to Delete a user

The Delete action is available to Administrators in the User activity table on Learning Group dashboards. To Delete a user, simply click on the trash can located beside the user's name.


You will be prompted to confirm before deletion is completed:



How to restore a Deleted account

Restoring a deleted account is handled by our support team at An account administrator must provide the email address, first name and last name of the deleted account in order to request restoration.

Rest assured, a deleted account removes personally identifiable information from the Kubicle system. The remaining archived data is in an encrypted state and can only be decrypted using the original email address of the account. Once restored, the user will have full use of the Kubicle platform again.