Kubicle sends emails to users in order to provide account verification, periodic reports, notifications, reminders and product announcements. Usually, these will arrive without issue, either in your primary inbox or a secondary inbox for automated updates.

In some cases, emails sent by Kubicle may result in bounces or land in your spam/junk folder. If you suspect this is happening to you, you will need to first verify that the email address you are using corresponds to your Kubicle profile. You can view your personal information on Kubicle by selecting the drop-down icon on the top left of your account and then selecting “Settings”.


If this does not help resolve the issue you are experiencing. Your organization should be able to adjust your spam filter to whitelist Kubicle’s domains and IP addresses as a “safe sender”. This will ensure that you and other users can continue receiving emails from our system.

Our mail sending IP address is and we send emails from the following addresses:

If necessary, please forward the information in this article to your IT team in order to ensure that Kubicle is effectively whitelisted.

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