Enabling Seamless Authentication: Kubicle Single Sign-On Setup

Kubicle provides SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On for enterprise customers. SAML 2.0 is supported by many SSO providers which allows us to integrate with Okta, Google Cloud, Azure AD, PingFederate, OneLogin and many others. There is a one-off integration fee to add SSO to your Kubicle account. Please contact your Kubicle representative at customersuccess@kubicle.com if you are interested in activating SSO.

Once SSO has been purchased, a Kubicle support engineer will contact the person responsible for SSO at your organization. The set-up process is straightforward - both parties will be required to exchange the appropriate SAML integration information and set up the integration on both ends. After set up, there is a short initial testing phase to ensure that the integration works as expected. Once testing has been carried out, SSO can be rolled out for the entire organization.

Single Sign-On users can be added to Kubicle via the bulk uploader. To sign into Kubicle a Single Sign-On user enters their email on the sign in page. This page will present them with a button to sign in with SSO. This will redirect the user to your organization's Identity Provider for authentication. Once the user has successfully authenticated with your Identity Provider, they will be redirected to Kubicle and signed in.