Get Your Skills Certified with a Kubicle Diploma

A certification for completion of a Semester

Achievement Criteria

Diplomas are awarded to Learning Group users upon completion of a Semester or Learning Path.

The completion criteria for a Semester are defined by a Semesters configuration.

Learners will be required to complete courses and exams dependent on:

  • Their skill level as assigned by their skill level assessment.

  • The minimum skill level that must be attained in courses decided by the Learning Group Admin for the Semester

Learners must complete a minimum of one course to attain a Diploma. This is applicable to all course completion configurations, including when course completion is optional.


Customising Diplomas

Semester name

A Diploma will display the name of the Semester. This is editable in the Semester configuration form.

Branding your Diplomas


Your corporate logo can be added to our Diploma Template:

You can provide your logo to our Customer Support team during the onboarding phase of your organisation.


Logos should have a transparent background, preferably be in .PNG format. It should be optimised for a viewing with dimensions of 150 X 60 pt.