How to open a .yxzp file within Alteryx

Files that come as .yxzp are readable by Alteryx, follow the steps below to access the content within them.

1. Open Alteryx

2. Click on "File"

3. Click on "Open Workflow"

4. Click on "Browse"

5. Find and open the .yxzp file you have obtained from the lesson


Below is a screenshot of where you can find the "Open Workflow" option within Alteryx.


Once you click "Browse" you will be presented with the screen below, selecting either of the highlighted options will work within Alteryx.


Once you've selected the desired file you will receive the message below, click "Yes" to import the exercise.


Alteryx will require some additional confirmation on the import of the file, click "Yes" once you are happy with the workflow you are importing.


You will then receive a message asking if you would like to load the workflow, click "Yes"


Once that final confirmation has been approved you will load the workflow and your Alteryx should populate with the exercise you've imported like the screenshot below.