How to Troubleshoot Issues Playing Lesson Videos on Kubicle

If Kubicle is not working as expected follow the steps below to troubleshoot lesson viewing or website functionality.


Kubicle's video player is powered by Wistia and supports the most common web browsers and operating systems out of the box. It should play smoothly on Mac OS, Windows, Linux and many mobile and tablet operating systems.

HTML5 vs. Adobe Flash

Kubicle's player defaults to HTML5 video so keeping your browser up to date should ensure a clear and consistent experience with Kubicle's videos. If you're using an older browser that doesn't support HTML5 video you will need to download Adobe Flash here.

Check your browser for updates

Ensuring your browser is up to date is extremely important in making sure website features function properly, below are links you can click on to check your browser is up to date and how to update them.

Browser Issues

If downloading flash or updating your browser doesn't fix your problem, the issue may be browser related. Experiment by trying a different browser. For example, if you're using Internet Explorer, try Google Chrome. You may also benefit from clearing your browser cookies & cache. Follow the instructions for your browser below.

Note: Clearing browser cookies & cache cause your browser to forget saved information and will cause some of the following:

  • Auto logons will be forgotten until you enter them again
  • Some sites will now requestplease click on …. to activate cookies"

Internet Connection Issues

Try switching your internet connection to determine if this is the source of the problem. You can check your internet speed using a tool like You may need to reset your internet connection or contact your internet provider.

Occasionally, an organisation's network may be unable to access the Kubicle's video content if our video provider has been blacklisted in your organisations firewall. In that situation, please contact your IT team and ask them to whitelist the following domains:

  • *




Reporting Your Issue to Wistia and Kubicle

If none of the steps above resolve your issues please contact You can also help us report issues to our video provider by right clicking on the video and selecting "Report a problem".

One way to ensure our support team can diagnose your issue effectively is to provide them with details of your web browser along with any listed errors from your browser's console. In order to ensure that our support team can diagnose your issue effectively, please follow these steps: