Issues Downloading Lesson, Exercise and Exam Files


Occasionally our users report issues downloading files from Kubicle. These issues are usually caused by either a browser configuration issue, or a firewall configuration issue. You can fix these issues by following the relevant steps below.

Browser Configuration Issues

Files may not download if your browser is configured to open the file in the browser instead of downloading the file. There is a simple workaround for this issue.

Right click on the link and click the "Save link as..." option from the popup. Perform the actions relevant to your system to save the file.


Firewall Issues

If you’re working from your office it is possible that downloads are being blocked by your company firewall. If that is the case, please contact your IT team and ask them to white-list the following domains in your firewall:

  • *




Report the Issue to Kubicle Support

If the steps above do not resolve your issues please contact In order to ensure that our support team can diagnose your issue effectively