Kubicle's Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

On May 25th, 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect bringing new global data protection rights for individuals in the European Union. It replaced the patchwork of national data protection laws currently in place with a single set of rules, directly enforceable in each EU member state.

At Kubicle, we're serious about data and fully support the privacy rights of our customers and our users. We have therefore implemented a number of key measures in order to address the collection, storage, transfer and use of personal data of EU individuals:

Policy Updates

  • Privacy Policy: Updated to reflect GDPR requirements.

  • Terms of Service: Updated with a clear explanation of the data we collect and how we use it.

  • Cookie Policy: A banner now triggers allowing EU visitors to disable cookies or indicate their approval. The banner links to our revised cookie policy that explicitly outlines the purpose of each cookie we use.

Operational Updates

  • We only access information that’s required for customer service and troubleshooting.

  • Our partners and suppliers are also compliant with the new regulations.

  • Our team has been trained to understand the implications of the GDPR.

Product Updates

  • Subscriptions to application, blog or marketing emails are opt-in only. All emails types contain unsubscription options in the footer.

  • From May 25th 2018, Kubicle users are required to accept the new terms of service and privacy policy either when activating their account or logging in. Users will also be provided with the option to delete their account, along with any personally identifiable information.

  • Privacy considerations are now integral to every new feature we build and release to our users.

The table below covers some changes we have made is more explicit detail, as well as your role in this process as a customer or partner of Kubicle. It will be updated over time with additional details that accurately reflect the many ways in which Kubicle safeguards user privacy.