Moving Learners Between Learning Groups

This article explains how you can move learners from one Learning Group to another.

You may sometimes wish to move learners from one Learning Group to another. This may occur when learners change roles or departments, or simply when Learning Group segments are reorganized. This article explains how you can migrate learners by following a few simple steps.


There are two main types of administrator account. The corresponding permissions will determine the moves the administrators can make:

  • Organization Administrators can move learners between all Learning Groups that exist within the organization's account.

  • Learning Group Administrators can only move learners into the Learning Group that they manage. However, these learners can come from any other Learning Group within the organization's account.

Please note that a learner cannot appear in two or more Learning Groups at one time, therefore existing learners will always exit their previous Learning Group in order to enter a new one.


Step 1: Go to Learning Group

Open the Learning Group you want to move the learner(s) into. If you are an Organization Administrator, you will select the Learning Group from your main dashboard. Inside the Learning Group, select “Invite Users” as shown below:


Step 2: Upload Moving Learners

Download your CSV template. Fill in the required information, save the file on your computer and upload it.


Step 3: "Invite" Moving Learner(s)

Select a sender for the invite step. Click “Preview to Send” and send. Despite appearances, existing learners will not receive the message displayed. This message will only send to learners who are new to Kubicle.


Step 4: Confirm Learner Migration

Your invited learners will now leave their existing Learning Group and move to a new Learning Group. You will receive a pop-up message confirming that each learner's Learning Group has been updated.