Navigating and Optimizing: Managing Kubicle Learner Licenses


Kubicle’s learner licenses are currently purchased by organizations through volume purchases. These licenses are only used by learners and not required by administrators.

Learner licenses typically have fixed lifespans starting on specific dates and grant learners access to a specified range of Kubicle Learning Plans. For example, a learner may have a license for Tableau & Alteryx only.

License Distribution & Activation

Once purchased, learner licenses are typically allocated to Learning Groups, where they remain reserved until a learner registers the license. The license is then permanently associated with the registered user and cannot be transferred.

Monitoring License Usage

License usage can be monitored via the organization dashboard. There are three key license metrics:

Understanding License Terms

Your contract describes the specific terms of your license agreement with Kubicle, including the length of the licenses purchased and the range of Learning Plans covered. Please contact in order to request a copy of your contract for review.

Purchasing or Extending Licenses

In order to discuss the purchase of additional licenses or extension of existing licenses, please contact