Navigating Kubicle Course Assessments | Your Complete Handbook


Kubicle exams are challenging, times assessments that are designed to accurately gauge whether or not you have understood and retained course material. Passing an exam gives you a strong indication that you have achieved the learning outcomes of your course. In this article we explain how exams work and how they should be approached.

Course exams are placed at the end of a course, after its final lesson. If you are a Learning Group member and cannot access exams in this way, they may be have been hidden by your Learning Group Administrator. This is a rare configuration, so please contact your administrator for more information.


Before You Start

Before to start attempting an exam, make sure you are comfortable with all course material. Although you can attempt a course exam as many times as you like, these attempts will always be logged and further attempts will trigger a fresh exam variant. Take note of the requirements listed on the pre-exam screen:


Exam Time

The listed exam time tells you how long you have to complete the exam. Once this time has expired, the exam will submit automatically, regardless of how many questions you have answered.

Pass Mark

The pass mark indicates the minimum percentage score you must achieve to pass the exam. This is typically around 75%.

Software Requirements

If a particular software is required to complete the exam, this will be specified on the pre-exam screen. You should ensure you have access to this software before attempting the exam.

Exam Randomization

Kubicle exams are randomized to prevent cheating. Exam questions and associated exam files to change on each successive attempt. However, any methods and principles being assessed will remain the same for all exam versions. Focus on improving your knowledge of the skills taught in each course. Do not reuse previous exam files or previous answers as they will result in a failed attempt.

Taking Your Exam

When you start an exam, you will be immediately prompted to download an Exam file (if it is required). The exam time for your attempt is displayed in the top right-hand corner below your user menu. The exam time will not start counting down until the file has been downloaded.

Exam questions come in two formats:

Viewing your Results

Successful Attempt

When you are successful in your exam attempt you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion which can be downloaded directly from the results page of from from your Certificates Page at a later date.


Unsuccessful Attempt

When you are unsuccessful in an exam attempt, the questions that you answered incorrectly will be listed on the results page. It will show the lesson(s) you should review to understand where you went wrong. It is important to review content before re-attempting the exam.

You can return to this screen at any stage by selecting the exam option at the end of the relevant course, which will display as "Review / Retake Exam". This screen will remain in place until you re-attempt the exam to generate new results.