Organizational branding within Kubicle

Kubicle supports branding for your organization's account

If branding is enabled your organization dashboard for all users will incorporate your company logo and its colors, it will also add your company logo to all certificates and diplomas earned by users within your organization.


Here are some detailed benefits of adding your brand to your Kubicle account.

1. Belonging: Promoting your brand within Kubicle allows users to feel a sense of belonging and provides motivation to users.

2. Trust: Showcasing your organization's logo and colors lets users know that this is a consistent and trusted learning environment.

3. Enhancing User Experience: An aesthetically pleasing learner dashboard with well-integrated branding elements enhances the overall user experience.


If you would like to personalize your organizations Kubicle account with your company colors and logo you can request this by talking with one of our customer service managers.


Logos should have a transparent background, preferably be in .PNG format

It should be optimized for a viewing with dimensions of 150 X 60 pt


Example of a branded diploma:


Example of the Kubicle dashboard, the light blue can be configured to any color:


If you would like to inquire about adding your company branding to Kubicle you can also create a support ticket here