Reporting a Mistake in an Exam, Exercise or Lesson


Sometimes when watching a lesson, doing an exercise or taking an exam, you might find that things aren’t going as expected. For example, when trying to reproduce a calculation from a lesson in the software you might get a different result. Or perhaps the answer you got for your exercise or exam was incorrect and you’re not sure why.

We can understand that this can be frustrating. If there's an issue with our content, we’re committed to finding a resolution as quickly as possible. In these situations, we greatly appreciate it if users take a few steps you can take to confirm if the issue you are encountering is a content error or if there’s another factor at play.

Lessons & Exercises

If you’ve spotted discrepancies between your work and the lesson, check the end-of-lesson file attached to a lesson. If it’s consistent with the video, you may notice that your work accidentally diverged from the lesson at some point. If you compare the end-of-lesson file to your own work, you might notice a small mistake you made or different configuration that led to the difference.

However, if the end-of-lesson file more closely resembles your work and there’s evidence of a mistake in the video, we encourage you to report this by contacting us at


Exam issues are particularly frustrating, as they can be particularly time-consuming. If you believe that your answer is incorrectly being marked as false, there are a few factors that can lead to this:

Inappropriate Formatting in Answers

It is important to enter your answers to in an accepted format. Please note:

  • A percentage answer with or without the % sign is permitted

  • Our application uses "." to denote decimal places. "," as a decimal separator is not currently accepted by our Exams

  • Decimal places should match those displayed in the placeholder text, typically correct to two decimal places

Reusing Old Answers in a Randomized Exam

Kubicle randomized exams, meaning that each exam attempt triggers as new exam variant. This means that you cannot use the same answers as a previous exam attempt when retaking an exam.

Reusing Old Dataset in a Randomized Exam

Similarly, you can’t use the same dataset as a previous exam attempt. If you have any questions about how exams work, you can find more information in the following resource:

If you’re confident that your answer is being incorrectly marked and can rule out the above, please raise a support ticket

Software Issues

At times, you may experience issues with the software you are training for due to a bug. For example, if you can’t open a file on your computer but your colleague can, this is likely a bug with the installation of that software on your device. In this case we recommend reaching out IT support within your organization.

Additionally, although we do provide workbook files and datasets, we can’t guarantee that our files will work for purposes not covered in our lessons.