Sending Learner Check-In Messages to Motivate Learners


Over the years, Kubicle has learned that the best performing learning groups are supported by periodic, personalized communications from managers. As a result, the platform allows administrators to easily motivate learners in a fast, efficient manner by sending periodic Learner Check-Ins.


We recommend sending Learner Check-In emails every 2 weeks for active semesters. Learners usually benefit from more frequent encouragement when they are just getting started or are approaching a semester end date.


Accessing the Learner Check-In Feature

This feature can be accessed directly from the relevant learning group on your organization dashboard:



You can also access this feature from within a Learning Group:


Selecting Your Learner Segment

The Learner Check-In feature allows you to select learner segments to target with personalized messages. The more focused your selection is, the more relevant your message can be.


For example, focusing on learners who are active but are falling behind schedule allows you to customize your message in a way that highlights these learners’ particular problem. Selecting a segment will automatically suggest a relevant template message.


You can also exclude or include specific employees as required:


Understanding the Sender Address

Kubicle will display the name associated with your logged-in account as the sender name by default. Organization Administrators can select any other Kubicle administrators to appear as senders, while Learning Group Administrators can only set the sender as themselves. If a learner replies to any Learner Check-In email they receive, the selected sender will receive the reply.



Although the sender’s name will always reflect the name of the designated administrator, any emails sent by Kubicle are actually sent through a email address. This address will only be visible to learners who inspect the specific sender email.


Personalizing Your Communication

Although a subject line and message will be automatically-generated by Kubicle, we strongly recommend making further adjustments to your message. Messages should match the sender's tone of voice and accurately reflect the learner's situation. The more personalized your message, the more effective it will be.


Learners who are under-performing should be reminded of the consequences of falling behind and provided with actionable steps to improve their situation. Conversely, learners who are are on schedule or performing well will benefit from acknowledgment and encouragement.


The name token at the top of the message will be personalized for each recipient.



Adding Reports to Your Email

You can add reports to your Learner Check-In email to provide learners with clear metrics on their progress.



Individual Progress Report

This report shows the learner their individual status. If they are enrolled in an active semester, they will see the number of days that are remaining along with the number of courses left to complete. This report is included by default and is recommended at all times.


Learning Group Progress Report

This report shows the progress of the entire learning group. This allows the recipient learner to compare their own progress with the progress of their peers. This report is not recommended when a majority of learners are falling behind schedule as it can send the wrong message. This is because non-performing learners who see that most of their colleagues are also behind schedule may feel less inclined to catch up.


Previewing & Sending Your Learner Check-In

Once the Learner Check-In email has been composed and configured, you can preview an example of the personalized message. This will provide you with an example image of what a typical learner will receive, including the personalized message and the selected report(s).


If you are happy with your preview, click send to deliver your personalized email to each learner within the specified learner segment. If you would like to send different messages to multiple segments, you can easily repeat the process once the message has been sent. Kubicle will generate appropriate message templates for each situation, including variants to avoid repetition over time.