Step-by-Step Guide | How to Invite Learners to Kubicle

Log in and go to the Learning Group Dashboard


Click the Invite Users button


1. Download the .CSV template to upload your learning group members.


2. Fill out the CSV template


3. Upload the file

4. Choose the sender of the invitation email from your Learning Group Administrators

4. Customize your invitation message to your learners 

5. Preview and send your invitations

Wait for the results page to display


NOTE: If errors appear please amend the CSV file and re-import by clicking the 'Import CSV' button.

Reminders to Sign Up

Your users will receive an email inviting them to complete their Kubicle registration. They will receive further emails reminding them to sign up if they have not completed their registration within 10 days of their initial invitation.

Sending reminder emails to your users is configurable at an Organisation level and can be disabled upon request by Kubicle customer support.