Understanding Learning Time Metrics | Kubicle

The learning dashboard features a metric described as "Learning Time". This is designed to calculate a realistic estimate of the amount of time a user spends learning.

Learning Time is defined as active time tracked on the following pages:
• Lesson Pages
• Exercise Pages
• Exam Pages


Note: "Learning Time" tracks time spent on exams for users, and it does count towards their cumulative total learning time. For example: if a user attempts one exam 5 times, and spends 1 hour on each attempt, the system will count 5 hours of learning time.


A user is considered to be active on a page if they are doing one of the following

:Moving their mouse
• Typing
• Playing a video


Time is tracked only in the most recently accessed window. If a user stops doing one of the above actions, we stop tracking their activity after a brief period. The amount of time we wait depends on the page and varies depending on typical engagement with downloaded files outside the application:

• Lesson Pages: 35 seconds
• Exercise Pages: 2 minutes
• Exam pages: 10 minutes


It is worth noting that "Learning Time" does not track time spent on diagnostics, dashboard, lesson/exercise files or settings.