Update on Learner Status Indicators: From "Skill Check Required" to "Not Started"


We're evolving our approach to tracking and supporting learner engagement with an important update to our status indicators. Recognizing the need for clarity and actionable insights into learner progress, we're making a pivotal change.

Transition to "Not Started"

This update involves replacing the existing "Skill Check Required" status with a new status, "Not Started." This change is designed to provide a clearer understanding of the learners' engagement with their coursework.

Change in Status Indicator

  • Previous Status: "Skill Check Required"

  • New Status: "Not Started"

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 14.25.09

Why the Change?

Our goal is to enhance the way you understand and interact with learner engagement. The shift to "Not Started" is designed with two key improvements in mind:

  • Immediate Clarity: It becomes instantly clear which learners have not started their coursework, streamlining the process of offering support.

Enhanced Support: This change lays the groundwork for more focused encouragement and assistance, helping learners take the first step in their learning path.

Action and Familiarization

While no immediate action is required for Administrators, it's recommended to familiarize yourself with the new status. Knowing how "Not Started" appears in reports and dashboards will help you effectively monitor learner progress.

Feedback and Inquiries

We highly value your feedback as we continue to enhance our system. For any questions or further clarification regarding this update, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success manager. We are here to assist and support you in leveraging these system enhancements for the betterment of our learning community.