Your Organization's Account is no Longer Active

Probable Cause for Receiving a Common Kubicle Application Error

When logging into into Kubicle you may experience the following:



Learners will see this message if their license has been deactivated and Kubicle access is terminated.


There are four main reasons that cause a learner license to deactivate :

  • The license was not renewed for a further period.

  • The license was removed from the learner after they completed all the required training. 

  • The learner had left the company but has now returned.

  • Your Enterprise Trial is over.

Before contacting Kubicle Support, this is what we recommend you do to resolve this issue.

In pretty much all instances you are viewing this error because of an organisational decision taken by a client-side Kubicle Administrator.   

Ideally you should first reach out to your learning administrator or organization administrator and request access to the Kubicle platform.  They will be able to provision the necessary requests in order to reinstate your access.

Alternatively you can raise a support ticket and we can get in touch with your learning administrator or organization administrator.

NOTE: If your learner license has been deactivated your certificates and diplomas can still be found in the email associated to the account, our support team can also send certificates and diplomas to you upon request.