How to Download Certificates or Diplomas

Follow the instructions below to download your diplomas or certificates

Firstly you will need to sign into your account, you can do that by clicking this: Kubicle Sign-in


Once you've logged into your Kubicle account you'll be presented with the learner dashboard. Click on these two outlined images at the top right of your learner dashboard to access your Kubicle diplomas and certificates


Once you've clicked on the icons for diplomas and certificates you will be directed to a page that contains the information below.


This icon will allow you to download your diploma or certificate to your device.

This icon will allow you to share your certificate to LinkedIn.


Once you click on the option to download your certificate you'll be directed to a web page that displays your diploma or certificate, to download it click on the outlined icon below from there you will save it to wherever you need to on your computer.


It is highly recommended that you download your certificates and diplomas whenever you obtain them.


If you would like to share your certificate on LinkedIn click on this related articleHow to Associate a Kubicle Certificate or Diploma to Your LinkedIn Profile


If you require any assistance with downloading your diplomas or certificates click this link to raise a ticket to our customer support team